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But... it could all be free

Waste of money

Literally wasted my money for features that dont work.. this app is meant for joking. I had a project I had to do and was relying on this app... no good! :(

Dont waste your money

This is really boring and I do not recommend it.

The best 99 cents Ive spent

So real.

Oldies 2

Awesome love it tons of laughs and fun thank you


Just want to say I love this app and Im so addicted that even while Im supposed to be working I cant help but pick out more pics to edit. And its so fun to share with friends. I definitely support people getting this app. Only issue is there can be too many ads where it can get annoying.

Great app!

The effects are just great!

Love it!

Still the best aging app.


This game is really awesome I get to see what I will like 2060 or maybe even 200 years old

Oldies 2

Awesome love it tons of laughs and fun thank you

Save your money

Fun app for about 15 minutes. Lots of add-ons for purchase. No big difference from Old Booth. Save your money.

Oldify 2

This app makes my friends and I crack up so hard when we see ourselves as oldies. I love this app it has good guesses of what you will look like and getting 95% of it right.

Great effects!


Long time user

I like this app but it has many features that ruin it. It downgrades the size way too much. The edit points work for the wrinkles but works against the beard. They dont line up. Needs way more edit points. They force you to use a filter when using a specified age. The filter runs off the face into the background, ruins it. Fact is, this app runs on a very ancient SDK. Time for a redo developers. Take all that new iap money and hire someone to vamp it up, alot! With all these constant errors Ive still partially enjoyed your apps for years.

Very cool !!!

Its a very realistic and funny app !!!

Mpoints no longer available

This app is now useless since they took off mpoints. Please bring it back!


I love it! Its really just for fun and is very accurate . I would recommend this app if your looking for a fun way to mess with your relatives


Gives you a real sense of how you would look as a senior citizens. So easy to use and realistic! Must try this one!


Pretty cool APP !!! Highly recommend!!

Ears an nose needs updating

Your ears and nose never stop growing, I suggest on the next update you can incorporate this.

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